Whitney Hess!

I see incredible value in surrounding RedStamp with smart, interesting advisors who can apply their diverse talent to our business in a strategic way. I also see value in what RedStamp can give back to the right advisor. It makes for a busy, but happy, two way street. {Just ask the amazing Joanne Wilson!}

So, with much excitement of what’s to come, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Whitney Hess is joining the RedStamp team as a power advisor. Exploding with ideas on “improving the human experience one day at a time,” Whitney is already rolling up her sleeves and jumping in.

I’m so excited for our company + excited for our users. Because not only is Whitney tops on building ideal user experiences, she is also a wonderful person who really and truly cares about making people’s lives better. Which is what we are all about at RedStamp.

Onward and upward.

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    Over the moon alert! I’m so excited to have Whitney joining us.
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